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In a word, you. Specifically, this site is about helping you improve your small business marketing, messaging, branding, positioning, and conditioning. To receive an update when a new article appears, sign up here!

Hello. I'm Gary Bloomer.

I write and offer two kinds of content:

1. advice-based articles for the owners of small business owners
who want to improve their marketing and branding.


2. business-to-business articles for marketing agencies and business owners who want specific, marketing-focused content to share with
their readers. Learn more about B2B content here.

Who am I and why am I worth your time and attention?

Although I'm a Jack of all trades, mostly, I'm a writer.

I write articles designed to help small business owners improve their overall marketing, messaging, and branding. Unlike a good many small business marketing strategists, I don't do this for the money: I write to honour the memory of my Dad, Des. He died in 2004.

Before my Dad retired from his last gig as a cabinet maker (which was his first trade), for many years he owned and ran a one-man construction company. Prior to that he'd worked in a cement works, on a farm, in a dye works, in a paper mill, and as a heavy plant operator.

He knew next to nothing about marketing, he didn't do any advertising —because he couldn't afford it—and he charged less than he was worth.

But no matter what, my Dad worked hard, he never cheated anyone, and he instilled a solid work ethic—one of leading with value and of always doing more than you were being paid for—that work ethic is still one I apply today. Although he wasn't well-educated, my Dad was worldly-wise in ways that would have flummoxed a roomful of Ph. D students.

Although I was the first member of my family to go to college—I have no formal education in marketing, sales, or business, and everything I know about marketing has been learned the hard way: by making mistakes and by figuring things out—and yet I've developed a knack of seeing through the fluff: an approach that's earned me a top contributor spot on one of the Internet's leading marketing websites. Not bad for a blue collar, working-class kid from the wrong side of the highway.

I write articles for small business owners to give them the help my Dad never had and could have used.

I write business-to-business (B2B) articles for agencies and business owners to help them reach more people. The logic here is simple: the more readers they can reach, the more leads they can generate. The more leads they generate, the more conversions they can drive and the more sales they stand to make.  

Right now your most pressing question is probably: is this bloke worth paying attention to or even worth hiring to write my B2B content?

For some of the people who stumble across this page my answer to that question is no. There are two reasons for this:

1. I cannot help you if all you want to do is read just one article.

Sadly, there's no one single get rich quick solution to online content.
I this know because I've looked. As much as it's easy to think that selling any old crap online is the ticket to instant wealth, it's simply not true. 

Similarly, reading just one article won't make you a marketing rockstar. Again, I know this because I've looked at that as a solution as well. 

After years of trial and error (I started this website back in 2009!), I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart, that you won't solve every one of your problems just by reading one article. 

That's why there I share multiple articles and viewpoints on several subjects. I think success depends largely on having a well-rounded grasp of what's what before getting stuck in.

If you're not willing to read multiple articles on this site (or anywhere else come to think of it), and if you're not willing to expand your timeline and your learning curve by at least a year, this isn't the website for you and I'm not your guy. 

2. If you want an easy, super-fast, one-size-fits-all approach, I'm not interested in hearing you bitch, moan, and whine. 

Goodness me, did I really just write that? Yes I did. 

I could easily offer you (and sell you) a gaggle of courses, articles, subscriptions, resources, and solutions—all of which could promise you the wind, the stars, and the moon, and none of which would do you an ounce of good if all you want is an instant hit of success.

When anyone tells me they want a shortcut, what they're really telling me is that they're not willing to put in the time, energy, angst, toil, sweat, fear, and grind, and that they're not prepared to fail often and fail hard and that as a result, that they're then not willing to learn from those failures.

I'm not going to lie to you.

Learning this stuff—copywriting, social media strategy, branding, sales, and a good deal more—is. Hard. Work.

Are you committed?

Are you willing to work, to learn, to fail, screw up, fall, spend and lose money, and still get back up?

If you answered no to any of those bits I could take your money but what good would that do? So instead I'll channel my inner Brené Brown.

If all you want to do is a get a quick result that doesn't work, if all you want to do is bitch, moan, whine, and be a critic—unless you're willing to stand next to me in the arena, sword in hand in the heat of the day, panting, sweaty, bloodied, bruised, dirty, and having fought hard and be ready and willing to do so again—although I'll see you and hear you, what I won't do is be interested in your opinion because you didn't put in the work.

If you're still reading, good.

Here's what's on offer on this site:

  • A number of in-depth, long-form marketing articles on a range of subjects, including: copywriting, social media, content creation, and branding (among many other topics) that include tips, advice, opinion, tactics, and strategies that you can start using in your marketing and messaging starting today. The articles are offered free of charge. If you want to sign up for updates, great. Just complete an opt-in form and I'll send you a note whenever something new appears. Most of these articles contain affiliate links, which means if you buy something as a result of clicking on a link, I receive a payment or a commission as a thank you. Every article has a disclaimer at the beginning alerting readers of this material connection.

  • A range of longer, more in-depth and cost effective (but not free) guides, reports, and white papers in the guise of a paid monthly newsletter. Paid? Why yes indeed! If it's free you're less likely to value it, and at $99.95 a month it's cheaper than hiring me for a day—and you get masses of value into the bargain. And if you think my newsletter's a load of crap, I'll refund your money in full. No questions asked. I mean really? Why wouldn't I? Who need the bad karma, right?

  • A number of recommendations and shout outs for other goods, services, products, books, courses, and people, and a few right out there blatant sales pitches for a range of other long form content.

  • My personal cast-iron, I kid you not guarantee that I'll only ever share recommendations for products, goods, services, and people
    I believe have value.

The idea here is that you'll be so knocked out by the content I offer that you'll want to buy something. And if not, that's OK too. This way I get
to tap into my inner Frank Kern by demonstrating I can help people by actually helping people. 

OK. By now you're probably wondering if my stuff is any good? I mean really, what's the point of helping people with their marketing if the stuff you're putting out there doesn't, you know, help people with their marketing? 

The easy answer to this is to simply read some of my stuff, download a free sample of my paid, monthly newsletter, and judge for yourself. If you like my approach, great. If not, no harm, no foul: I wish you the best and I'm sorry that what I offer isn't quite to your liking.

To be clear here I do not pretend to be a marketing expert.

I know a good amount for sure, and while a few kind people have referred to me as an expert, that's not what I am. Instead I consider myself a teacher of sorts: I'm still figuring things out for myself so
I'm in no way equipped or positioned to call myself an expert.

However, since October of 2009, I've been classed as an 'expert' on the Know-How Exchange of Since May, 2009 on this community forum I've answered somewhere close to 5,000 marketing questions, a little over 80% of which have been judged to have been of value in some way. So, I believe I've earned my stripes, so to speak.

With the main content on this site, my aim is to help you (as a small business owner) increase your knowledge and understanding of the importance of marketing and branding so you can attract more leads, convert more of those leads into sales, and convert those sales into
repeat clients and customers.

To accomplish this, here's what to do next:

Read a few of my marketing articles.

If you like what you see, consider signing up to receive updates about new articles. I may also send you occasional offers.

If what you read is helpful, consider signing up for a monthly premium membership, and also consider looking at one of my offers.

That's it.

No blatant sales pitch, no "but wait! There's more!" None of that. It's not my style. So, thanks for reading this page and for being curious enough to wonder what this is all about.

About me

Well, if you really must know: I'm originally from the UK. I've lived and worked in the United States since May of 1999. I shave my head. I trained as a graphic designer. 

Since 2001 or so, I've made it my business to learn as much as possible about direct response marketing and branding.

I live in Wilmington, DE (that's Delaware for anyone outside the US who might be wondering), which is on the eastern seaboard, about 25 miles or so south of the City of Philadelphia.

To connect with me on social media, use the links below. 

Thanks for reading this far.

OK. Now, go and read one of my articles.

Gary Bloomer

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