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Here's a list of a few of my favorite online shortcuts, tools, and go-to resources that help streamline a range of processes. Mouse over the URLs below. Links open in a new window.

Image by Charles Deluvio via Unsplash.

This resource list may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission or payment for any purchases you make through these links.

1. Percentage calculator:

Want to know what percentage something is of any given figure? Need to know what figure something is of what percent? Need to figure out what percentage increase or decrease something is of something else? This tool comes to your rescue. Hardly a week goes by when I don't find myself scrolling for this stripped down and ultra handy utility. 

2. Copyright free, public domain images

Over 2 million searchable images in portrait and landscape format by photographers from all over the world, all in the public domain. Never want for high quality images again.

3. Thesaurus:

Stuck for a word? Want to same the same thing in a different way? 
Here you go.

4. Free photos:

A nifty database of free stock photographs and illustrations from a huge community of professional photographers and illustrators that also includes a range of premium options.

5. Title and headline generator:

Simply enter a subject category and this tool takes care of the rest. A fun, simple, and effective way to generate compelling titles for articles, email subject lines, and blog entries.

6. Headline analyzer:

Using over 50 different data points to evaluate your headline, email subject, or ad title on a scale from 1-100 for readability, SEO, and sentiment (emotion), this headline analyzer packs quite a punch. 

7. Hemingway app:

Load your text into Hemingway and let the app scan your text to find lengthy, complex sentences and common errorsThis fabulous application will make your writing clearer, sharper, and easier to read.

8. Duplicate content finder:

A super simple website scanning tool to help you find duplicate content, broken links, and a lot more.

9. SEO audit and reporting:

A super simple tool that helps you check what's going on on any website. This is a premium resource that comes with a 14-day free trail.

10. Social media dashboard

For social media post scheduling I use, like, and recommend PromoRepublic. The dashboard is simple to clear and use, and by typing in a few search categories you can get a list of relevant articles to share with your friends and followers, saving you hours of work.

11. Another social media dashboard

Hootsuite's free basic plan gives one user the ability to to schedule posts to three social media platforms. A premium option is available for $29 a month that gives you the ability to post to up to 10 social media platforms.

12. PDF conversion

For anything you can do, would like to do, or want to do with a PDF (portable document format) document, I've found this handy tool to be an absolute lifesaver.

13. Contracts and business agreements

A super simple set of free and easy-to-complete business contracts and agreements.

14. Word count tool

Another simple tool that's handy if you need to run a word count but you don't have access to a word processor.  

15. Speech to text tool

For anyone who needs to create written content but who doesn't like to type, this tool can be a life saver.

16. Online English and grammar tips

Another super helpful site chock full of insights and advice on grammar and written English.

17. MarketingProfs

Articles, advice, opinion, webinars, and support, all in one place. I've been a reader of MarketingProfs since 2006 and a contributor to their Know-How Exchange since mid-2009. To post a question and read answers, visit:

18. Online audio recording

A free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio recorder and editor that works seamlessly on Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. 

19. Online graphics creator for blogs and social media

Used by over 280,000 people, Stencil is a super easy-to-use graphic design tool that's ideal for for social media marketers, bloggers, and business owners alike. Create, save, and export graphics, text blocks, and images for a range of applications. 

20. Create online draft versions

Draft is a stripped down writing platform that includes: version control, publishing, email ability, and much more. It also has a Hemingway mode, to help with rough first drafts. Highly recommended. 

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